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Harold Wodlinger – President Quitont Electrophysiology

Harold Wodlinger wrote, “Despite the extremely complex nature of our
equipment… [the] manuals were simple and easy to follow. They were the best
manuals ever produced.”

Jan Vink – International Technical Service Manager, Quinton Instrument Company

Jan Vink wrote, “Our technicians and sales team have been able to build a
strong, working relationship with [the] staff. Thanks to [them] we have been
able to effectively support our customers’ market.”

Ragnar Paulson – Chief Technology Officer The Software Group Limited

ClearComm Information Design “has brought a consistency of style and format to
all of The Software Group’s documentation. The manuals are routinely high
quality and easy for our customers to read and understand.”

Aaron Steinman, Ph.D., P.Eng. – Research Engineer Vivosonic Inc.

Aaron Steinman wrote, “[ClearComm] was very thorough and meticulous helping
[us] to ensure that our documentation followed ANSI and ISO standards. I found
[them] to be professional and easy to work with. [The procedures] produced were
easy to follow, using a minimal amount of our resources and time, which has been
so valuable to us.”

Dr. Philip A. Boreham – Cardiologist for Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol,

“I am quite happy to recommend [ClearComm] as professional and helpful…
[They are] patient when dealing with computer semi-literate customers such as
myself… provided expert technical advice quickly and effortlessly… quick to
understand the problem and establish an easy rapport which made solving the
technical difficulties very straightforward.”

John Temprile – Software Manager Vivosonic Inc.

John Temprile wrote, “I am amazed at the depth of familiarity that you have
attained with our software – your intimate knowledge of our product has allowed
you to provide us with invaluable feedback that has directly affected our
development. The new manual is now a professional-looking document, not just a
commonplace PDF.”

Randy AuCoin – Vice President, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs
VisualSonics Inc.

Randy AuCoin wrote, “ClearComm Information Design is dedicated and provides
conscientious writing. They work well with [our] team members, and consistently
meet assignment deadlines. ClearComm Information Design provided all technical
writing on our high frequency ultrasound product, including operator’s manuals,
production procedures, and software upgrade instructions.”

Graeme Leney – Customer Support Manager at Quinton Electrophysiology

Graeme Leney wrote, ” [Their] performance is superior… organizational
skills are exceptional. [They have] contributed to all the Biomed training
sessions and are developing the online technical knowledge database.”

Bruno Alesio – Manufacturing Development Manager at Quinton

Bruno Alesio wrote, ” [ClearComm] completed the EPLab User Guide, EPAmp User
Guide and the EPAmp Service Manual. [Their] organizational skills, communication
skills, and technical support experience have produced a final product of high
calibre… Attention to detail is reflected in the improved quality of the
company’s product line as well as a visible improvement with the manufacturing