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Do you have to meet stringent regulations like those defined by Health Canada or the FDA? Do you still pay your engineers to stop what they are doing to create documentation for your end users? Are you a small company competing in a big market? If you answered yes to this then you should be looking at hiring professional writers.

Why Hire a Team?

How would you like to get the expertise and support of several engineers, technicians, and experts working on your documentation for the same price or less than hiring a single technical writer on contract?

With ClearComm Information Design you get:

  • A document department (not just one writer)
  • Experienced support and feedback
  • Additional time for your engineers to do what they do best
  • Access to the industry experts

Going to Clinical Trials

Are you going to clinical trials without documentation that can be audited and verified? Do the clinicians need to thumb through engineering documents to find information that may answer their questions about use? Using your documents correctly will increase the validity of their findings. Clinical trials are your client’s first impression of your product and of you, make it a professional one.

  • more polished first impression for the clinicians and other users
  • documentation that can be easily updated or reused through all phases of the project
  • a more verifiable process
  • more valid data

Starting Out or Growing

When you are not sure where to start or how to grow your information management with your company ClearComm Information Design can help. We have experts on our team and access to industry experts to help you determine where you want to take your business. Whether it is to simply create printable manuals or to create an enterprise-wide single-sourced information management system for multi-national publications, we have the tools to help.

  • Process analysis
  • Application evaluation
  • Document implementation
  • Process and tools training

Time to Upgrade

MS Word was perfect when you started out, but now you plan on taking your company to the international market and publish all your user documentation and marketing material in multiple languages. ClearComm Information Design can help you determine what will fit with your company’s goals.

  • Business analysis
  • Document conversion
  • Tools implementation
  • Process documentation

More than Just Writers

Are your people resources spread thin? At ClearComm Information Design we are more than just writers, we have the ability to work within your team to support the development of your project. Let us help you:

  • Specifications management
  • Product risk management
  • Product verification and validation
  • Procedure validation
  • Document and user validation
  • Quality management system development

Call us for more details.