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About Us

ClearComm Information Design strives to be the best at business growth support for the high-tech manufacturing industry using our experience and understanding of the documentation requirements for the medical device industry within Canada, USA, and the world. We provide information consulting services and writers for internal and end-user documentation. ClearComm’s consulting services are used to help determine how to support documentation (linear or single-sourced), which applications to author with (MS Word, FrameMaker, or XML), how to publish, and how to manage the documents (manual, version control, or Content Management Systems (CMS)).

The Difference

http://www.clearcommdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/corporateteam.jpgClearComm can replace the need to hire technical writers on a short or long-term contract by providing you with a virtual documentation department. Our uniqueness is our ability to not just design and write your procedures, manuals, help systems, etc., but to also support your project integrity. We can add value to your documentation by reducing the current and future costs to produce and maintain documents. By implementing a better documentation system we can streamline your content so that it gets touched less often resulting in a reduction in updating and translational costs of up to 60 percent.

Our writers

Our writers are highly technical with extensive experience evidenced by our strong knowledge base in several different areas: laboratory applications, research, manufacturing, and service industries. Our industry experience include IT, electronics, chromatography, biophysics, chemistry, electrophysiology, GPS technology, cardiology, ultrasonography, and audiology. The accumulation of transferable skills in software applications, hardware, and instrumentation operation allows ClearComm to quickly learn your product and industry and easily settle in as a partner on your project’s team.

Your Benefit

If your company has ever felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that must be produced, updated, reviewed, published, and tracked for your product releases then you should talk to us. Let ClearComm Information Design help you make your documents professionally written and clearly understood.