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Medica – The world’s largest medical fair.

Canon Communications

Medical Manufacturing Exposition and Conferences for 2008

Content Convergence & Integration 2008

Content Convergence and Integration 2008 is for content professionals who need to find more strategic ways to manage their content in a world where content now gets created and syndicated, integrated, repurposed, and redistributed.

From MS Word to DITA – A step-by-step process (case study)

ClearComm's Barbara Stuhlemmer will be presenting at the DITA / TechComm Conference 2008

From MS Word to DITA – A step-by-step process (case study)

Our client is a medical device manufacturer in a heavily regulated and documented industry. They have been writing and maintaining documentation in MS Word since their inception. Last year they came to us to add another module to the user manual which technically added another model, bringing the manual to include content for four models. The information was confusing and difficult to manage. Some common information was throughout each module as well as in the shared chapters. A change in one model meant an update for the entire manual. It was also determined that the content was going to be translated and may be used to create online and/or embedded help files. We decided with the client that the best course of action was to convert the manuals to XML using DITA standards, add model specific variables to shared information, and separate out the model specific content. This presentation will discuss the process involved in making the decision to change and the steps we took to convert the content and design the layout to be able to publish four model independent manuals using DITA 1.1 and bookmap.

DocTrain Life Sciences

Exploring solutions to content challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and health and hospital corporations around the globe.